Oct. 2020: Subscribing to the New Groups.io Mailing List

(This section last updated 10/21/2020)

Warning: This PRIVATE email group is for Susquehanna S Gaugers


A. The Problem:

On Monday Oct. 12, 2020, Verizon informed us that it will complete its trashing of Yahoo groups -- by totally DELETING them all  on Dec. 15, 2020. 
If anyone wants to send any messages on the Yahoo group, make sure you do so BEFORE Dec. 15.

B. The New Group:

We have created a new PRIVATE group at   https://groups.io/g/ssg 

  • You can VIEW the above group, but you won’t be able to view any messages, because it is private.
  • Note:
    • You can OPTIONALLY create a Groups.io ID if you like; then you WILL be able to view messages. 
    • But this is NOT necessary to use the group to send and receive messages.
  • The groups .io work very similar to the Yahoo groups.
  • The same guy that designed Yahoo groups before Yahoo bought them, Mark Fletcher, designed groups .io.

C. To Subscribe To The [ssg] Groups.io Group:

    Step 1:
    • Send a blank email (no subject or body is necessary) to
      ssg+subscribe@groups.io .      This initiates your subscription.

      Warning: You're NOT subscribed yet.  You MUST complete Step 2.

        Step 2:
        • Groups.io will send you a "request for confirmation" email.
          • You should receive it in several minutes after doing Step 1.
        • Find the "request for confirmation" email in your inbox
          • The sender will be Groups.io
          • The subject will be something similar to "Confirm Your Groups.io Subscription".
        • Then just hit the REPLY button.  This CONFIRMS your request to join the group.

        Step 3:
        • Notify the mailing list volunteer (James Ingram) that you have completed Steps 1 and 2.
        • He will need to APPROVE your membership request -- since this is a PRIVATE group.
          • Groups.io will automatically subscribe the address from which it receives the blank email (after your request is approved).   
          • You will probably receive a confirmation message., with a subject similar to "Welcome to railnet@groups.io".

           Note:  Some addresses may not be subscribe-able:
          • There are a few addresses that that they may NOT allow you to subscribe: "admin@..", "info@..", "sales@..""support..@", and "webmaster@..".

          D. Other Info:

          1A. Home & Schedule

          MOBILE Users: Select "view web version" at bottom of page, for an easier-to-browse format.

           (This Schedule page last modified 10/19/2020)

          (Scheduling Note: We try to have all SSG meeting dates on the 2nd Sun; except May are 3rd Sat+Sun)

          2020 Meeting Dates
          • ------ Allentown Spring Thaw, Sat-Sun, Feb. 22-23, 2020
          • Sun Apr 12: Mtg #99, Lock Haven (jw) (Scale S layout) CANCELLED 3/20/20
          • ------ York TCA Fri-Sat, April 24-25, 2020   CANCELLED
          • Sat-Sun, May 16-17: Mtg #100, Steam-Up, South Williamsport (Wild Studio) (special hours)   CANCELLED
          • ------ 2020 NASG Convention,  Tue-Sat, July 7-11Minneapolis   CANCELLED 
          • Sun Sept 13: Mtg #101, Spring Glen (bb)   CANCELLED
          •  Sun Oct 11 (maybe): Mtg #102, Shamokin (fs) -- if layout is still intact-- We had this meeting
          • ------ York TCA Fri-Sat, Oct 23-24, 2021   CANCELLED
          • Sun Nov 8: Mtg #103, Williamsport (sr)   CANCELLED
          •  ------ Sat-Sun, Nov __-__: Allentown First Frost ; I'm guessing this is cancelled. The First Frost Facebook page says nothing about fall show.
          • Sun Dec 6: Whistle Stop Train Show, 9am - 3 pm.  Woodward Township Fire Hall, RT 220, Linden, PA 17744. I believe this show is still "on".

          2021 Meeting Dates
          •  Sun Apr 11 - Mtg #104, Lock Haven (jw) (Scale S layout)
          • ------ York TCA Fri-Sat, April 23-24, 2021
          •  Sat & Sun May 15 & 16 - Mtg #105, Steam-Up, South Williamsport (Wild Studio)(special hours)
          • Tue July __ to Sat __ - 2021 NASG Convention (location not yet determined)
          • Sun Sept 12 - Mtg #106, Sunbury G scale layout (bl)
          • Sun Oct 10 - Mtg #107, Danville
          • ------ York TCA Fri-Sat, Oct 22-23, 2021
          • Sun Nov 14 - Mtg #108, Howard
          Note that the Centre Hall (bl)and Northumberland (dp) have been removed from the schedule at the owners' requests.

          Schedule Notes: 

              Christmas Fantasy Layout, Jersey Shore (on photos page)
              Meeting Notes:
            • Guests: Call a contact person for exact location and directions.
            • Time: Regular meetings normally start at 2 pm, end around 4 or 5 pm.
            • Day: Most meetings are usually scheduled on the 2nd Sunday, except the May meeting is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday to avoid Mothers Day. . . . . . The 2nd Sunday usually has the least conflicts with holidays. See the "Generalized Meeting Schedule" page for the general outline of our schedule. 


            1B. Online S-Gauge Magazines & Resources

            A. Online Magazines:                                                (this section modified 4/1/2020)
            •  The S Scale Resource Magazine - Current issue is at SscaleResource.com/Magazine/current.shtml (no cost, no need to signup; just "click and browse).
              .   You can also subscribe/unsubscribe to be notified by email of future issues.
            B. Online Resources
            C. Online Discussion Groups
            • "S-Trains" Yahoo Email Discussion Group, by Paul Yorke
            • There's also an American Flyer Facebook group, and an S Hi-Rail Facebook group, and several other S-related Facebook groups.  These are private groups that you need to join.
            • The NCE group groups.io/g/NCE-DCC has "heavy-duty" DCC discussions.
             D. Nearby Clubs
            More Nearby Clubs are on the "Nearby S Gauge Clubs" page.

            1C. S-Gauge Traction

            James Edwards 1990-vintage PCC Cars - shown on American Flyer track