Our Listserv (email distribution group) is on at .

Please Note: This is a PRIVATE group for MEMBERS ONLY (unless otherwise approved).

Messages coming via this group, will have the “subject tag” of [SSG]


  • The above page shows the “posting address“, and also the subscribe and unsubscribe addresses.

To Subscribe:

    • (1) Send a ‘blank’ message (no body, no subject required) to the subscribe address
       which is .
    • (2) Just REPLY to the ‘request for confirmation’ email that will send you. (This is stated in the directions in the ‘request for confirmation’ email.)
    • (3) The Moderator will need to 'Approve' your request (since it's a private group).
      Please call or email him, if he doesn't see your request within a few days.
    • After the Moderator approves your request, will send you a confirmation that you're now a member of the group.

For more information:

For more info about Listservs, Google phrases similar to “How does a Listserv work”.

For more details about OUR group, CLICK HERE.