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Tentative 2017 Meeting Dates
  • Sun Sept 10 - Mtg #84, Sunbury (Bill L's basement G scale layout)
    (rescheduled from Centre Hall)
  • Sun Oct 8 - Mtg #85, Danville
..((TCA York Thur-Fri-Sat, Oct 19-21, 2017))
  • Sun Nov 12 - Mtg #86, Howard
    Christmas Fantasy Layout, Jersey Shore (on photos page)
Schedule Notes: 
  Meeting Notes:
  • Guests: Call a contact person for exact location and directions.
  • Time: Regular meetings normally start at 2 pm, end around 4 or 5 pm.
  • Day: Most meetings are usually scheduled on the 2nd Sunday, except the May meeting is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday to avoid Mothers Day. . . . . . The 2nd Sunday usually has the least conflicts with holidays. See the "Generalized Meeting Schedule" page for the general outline of our schedule. 


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