S6. Secretary's Notes

 {this page updated 5/26/2012}
This page records some decisions made at recent meetings:

9/13/2009 - Centre Hall
  • Group decided RSVPs of members planning to attend, should be sent ON the Yahoo group (9/13/09).  Updated at 5/19/12 meeting: RSVP means members should reply BOTH "yes" and "no" as to whether you will be attending.
  • Prospective members requested to attend 2 meetings as guests before joining (9/13/09).

10/11/09 Howard Meeting:

How far in advance to send meeting reminder email message.
  • I think I had in the past been using a 2-week "lead time".   Dave V. wondered if that was too far ahead.   We decided to poll the membership for preferred lead time.  ((Ideally we should all have these meeting dates written on our calendars, having gotten  them from the web page.)) 
  • Decision:  Use 2 weeks.
Maps To Meeting Locations
  • These are in the Yahoo Group, in the files area. Instructions are in Para. 7 on the web page. 
  • If you don't have a Yahoo ID, you need to use the "guest ID' and 'guest password."
  • QUESTION:  Do we really need to keep sending these out every meeting??
  • Members can keep a folder on their hard drive, in their "My Documents" folder, titled "ssgMaps".
  • Decision:  Members have maps, don't need sent every time.
Meeting Notices To Guests:  (prospective members)
  • I am going to propose that we ask Dave V. if he can send interested non-members a CC of the announcements for a predetermined number of meetings  -- say 3 or 4 or 5 times -- or however many times we decide.
  • Decision: Send 4 times.
Members Web Pages - Links On SSG Web  Page
  • Several members have web pages.  My inclination is to link these from the main SSG web page- whether or not they are model-railroad related - as sort of a "member service".  Request discussion on this.  (Anderman: AndermanFlyer.com, Benfer: http://universalprimarypayer.blogspot.com , Persing: BobbyLines.com).
  • Decision: Put on web page
Forwarding So. Jersey S Gaugers Newsletter
  • We have tentative permission to forward the So. Jersey S Gauger's newsletter (which is more like a mini-version of the S Gaugian) to our members.
    QUESTION:  Do we want to send this on the listserver.
  • Decision:  Got a tentative 'ok' at Oct meeting; revisit this again at the Nov. meeting.