M2. Membership List

 NOTE:  This Yahoo group copy is NOT up to date.

Currently we just periodically email the list to members.

Note: The membership list is periodically emailed to all SSG members, so you shouldn't really need to use this page. 

Warning: Unless you're used to navigating Yahoo groups, the below procedure may be too CONFUSING.
A. Accessing The Membership List

An online version of the membership list is kept in the PRIVATE "files" directory of the Susquehanna S Gaugers Yahoo Group.

1-- Click here to open the "files" directory.
(For reference, it's at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SsgPrivate/files/01_Membership_List/ ,
in the SSG Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SsgPrivate )

2-- A login page should appear, asking for your username and password.
Yahoo ID ______________
Password _______________

3--Enter the Yahoo ID / password
  • You need a Yahoo ID to log in.  If you use a Yahoo ID for your SSG membership, your Yahoo ID should be member of this Yahoo group.
  • If You Don't Have A Yahoo ID of your own, you can use the club's "guest login ID",  that you have been provided.

  • If you're using any sort of public computer, such as in a library, make sure that the "remember my ID on this computer" box (or anything similar) is NOT checked.
4--You should see a file with a name something similar to "s.addr.ssg.11f.pdf ".
(The exact name will depend on the version.)

5-- You should be able to open this PDF files and view or print it, using the free Adobe Reader that is now included with most computers (see Section C below for details).

6-- Membership List: The membership list is in the same directory as the OLD maps folder; it should be near the top. The membership list contains members' names & their wives' names, plus phone numbers and addresses.

B. Signing Out When Finished-

7-- If you're using a computer used by other people, make sure you click on the "sign out" link, located near the upper left corner of the window. 


C. Comments About The Yahoo ID

This process we have set up, where we "loan" you a Yahoo ID if you don't have your own, is a somewhat "shaky" security practice, because we are allowing you to use one of my Yahoo IDs. But since many of you don't have Yahoo IDs, this seems to be the easiest way to handle this.

This page updated 6/6/2011 by James R. Ingram