S3. Meeting Policy

Note: Additional "bylaws" type info is on the older About page.

Schedule Coordinator:
  • This volunteer arranges the meeting dates, and sends announcements on the Yahoo group to remind members about the dates.
  • The  Schedule Coordinator will confirm the meeting dates in advance with the hosts. 
  • Any schedule changes will be updated on the web page, either by the Schedule Coordinator or the webmaster.
Sending Meeting Announcements:           {approved at 9/30 meeting}

The  Schedule Coordinator will send out 2 meeting reminders on the private Yahoo Group:
  • The 1st reminder about 3 weeks before the meeting date
  • If necessary, the 2nd reminder about 1 week before the meeting date. 
  • Members are requested to RSVP (both 'yes' and 'no') as to whether they are attending, using the private Yahoo Group.

Meeting Day - usually the 2nd Sunday of the month, starting 2 pm, lasting until 4 or 5 pm.

Meeting Frequency - Typically 4 or 5 meetings per year.  We normally do NOT meet during June, July & August.

Guests - Guests can attend twice as a guest. Then they would be requested to apply to become a member.

Prospective Members - Prospective members are requested to attend 2 meetings as a guest.

Format Of Meetings:
  • We usually have meetings on a "round robin" basis--that is, where people meet informally in each others' homes.  Typically we rotate among the 6 members who have the large layouts.
  •     Typically we watch trains and informal chat from 2 pm to 3 pm, have a short business meeting from 3 pm to 3:30 or so, then more train watching and chat for those who wish to stay 
This page updated 11/15/2012 by  James R. Ingram