M1. Maps to Meeting Locations

 Note 2016:  This album is NOT up to date.

Currently we just email a copy of the map, along with the meeting notice.

The maps to Susquehanna S Gaugers (SSG) meeting locations are in a PRIVATE Google Picasa photo album.

The URL (address) to this album is given ONLY to SSG members.


  • If you are an SSG member, you should already have this link, and you should have it BOOKMARKED for future access.  
  • If you have somehow LOST your bookmark, you will need to contact another member to get the address.
  • Note:  Some of the maps are also in the OLDER Yahoo files area, but you need to have a Yahoo ID that is a member of the SSG Yahoo group -- and it still can be CONFUSING to navigate, if you're not use to Yahoo's system.

Screen Capture of the private Picasa map album