S1. Generalized Meeting Schedule

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This page outlines how the club's meeting schedule is developed.

  • Hosts are ALTERNATED between even and odd years, except: . . . We meet at layout P in Northumberland and Layout W in Lock Haven EVERY year.
  • This results in between 3 and 6 meetings every year
  • This frequency was determined by vote of members in October 2005, as documented in Agenda #32 dated 5/21/2006.  Some locations were switched around in May 2011 by at-that-time schedule coordinator Dave VanGilder.
  • We try to meet on the SECOND Sunday of the month, because this weekend seems to result in the fewest conflicts with holidays.  In May, we usually move to the 3rd Sunday because Mother's day is on the 2nd Sunday.
  • STARTING TIME: We usually start at 2 pm, so people can find the location in the daylight.
  • Layout A in Jersey Shore: needs to be Jan or Feb, due to layout being up at that time.
  • Steam Up at Studio W: usually needs to be in March or April, due to studio schedule.
  • Layout L in Centre Hall: basement gets cold, so should not be scheduled in cold weather.
  • Layout S in Shamokin: driveway gets snowed in, so should not be schedule in winter weather.
  • We are attempting to create a schedule that would repeat every 2 years, so we don't need a regular scheduling coordinator.
  • Hosts have the option of cancelling or moving the date, if a problem develops.
  • OBJECTIVE: Reach a consensus on how to handle the schedule, in a way that pleases the most members and hosts.
  • MODIFYING: The schedule may be changed at any time, by majority vote of the members -- assuming changes are agreeable with the hosts.

Old Meeting Schedule Page
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