S4. Meeting Agenda

2 pm - Members Arrive, run trains and informal discussion.

3 pm - Meeting
  • 1. Introduce any guests
  • 2. Treasurer's Report
  • 3. Media Librarian's Report
Other Agenda Items:

4a. _____________________________________________________________________________

4b. _____________________________________________________________________________

4c. _____________________________________________________________________________

4d. _____________________________________________________________________________

5. Individual Members' Reports

For 9/8/2013 Meeting:

1. Proposing Den Dirocco for membership (details in Aug 17 email).

2. Any objections with having added Kenny Palmer (Vice Pres. of So. Jersey S Gaugers) to our Yahoo group (details in June 20 email).

3. Note Mark Anderman doing Toy Train expo, Sat+Sun, Nov 23+24th.

4. Any "out of the way" places we want to consider visiting in future ??? 
Cletus Waldman in the west end of Williamsport, is modeling in HO scale, but has AMAZING detail and atmosphere -- see enclosed photo below.  We visited him back in 2006).

Bill Fraley in Hershey has an amazingly detailed and laid out S scale layout.  We visited him back in 2003.

5. First "item of business" will probably be deciding who is going to conduct the meeting. 
If our Scheduler Carey Probst makes it, he has the option of conducting it.
If he doesn't make it, whichever member(s) ran the previous meetings, probably have the option of conducting this one.