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Here's a link to a PDF file of Eileen and Michael's 2015 Christmas Message.

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Merry Christmas 2015      Happy New Year 2016

Where did the year go ? Right over there on the table where we left it. We have decided to dispense with the planned YouTube video since last year people watched the video on YouTube but failed to rewind it.

It was discovered this year what Michael has something in common with 50 Cent (pronounced ‘fitty cent’) and Lady Gaga…all three are also left handed, musically inept and lack talent. Despite Michael's afflictions, Eileen and he managed to visit two nursing facilities in 2015 as Mr and Mrs Santa. (see photo above) No residents or patients tried to escape this time as all doors were chained shut; Life Safety Code be darned.

Sadly we must report that local business Colonial Candlecrafters closed its doors after countless years of selling candles to the community. The owners blamed "That thar new fangled 'lectricity" for causing a sales decline. We visited and asked the owners as to when the phone stopped ringing and they replied “What’s a phone ?”.

The living room walls and ceiling were renovated with Certain Teed brand dry wall (aka sheet rock). We were certainly teed-off when we learned how much it would cost to paint the room; so we did it ourselves once the spackle was applied. We also decided to refinish the living room stairs with a sander and apply clear polyurethane. Imagine that: see through paint…what next ? Opaque windows, silent symphonies, scent free cologne, height less ladders, bristle free brushes, powdered water, paper thin pillows and tasteless food. . Oh, wait.. paper thin pillows, tasteless food...that was invented years ago, by the airlines.

Michael deleted his Facebook account after he heard the Chinese hacked federal employee records. He knew something was wrong when his location mysteriously changed to Peking and status as “eating egg roll“.

Michael built a book case on wheels once the living room was painted. Painted the same color as the walls, he is using it for his reference books. What an amazing parallel, wheels allow the bookcase to move as Michael’s lips also move when he reads. It is so very moving.

Eileen mows the lawns with expert precision. Eileen continues to mow the lawn as Michael's attempt at creativity puts too many brown stripes in the lawn making it look like a middle eastern war zone. Perhaps Michael should use a bladeless mower (refer back to see-through paint mentioned previously).

Each day, we get up and face the daily grind. Coffee beans that is. The aroma, flavor and all around goodness is enough to awaken every Moose up in Canada. The property is alive with wildlife. Robins, crows, rabbits, a wondering cat, deer, wild turkey and in the wee hours the hooting of owls. Everyday is Groundhog day; they live under our barn and shed and in our wood pile and feed on our lawn daily. What to do with the tired fruit our apple tree bears ? That was the question. Eileen, in a burst of humanitarian sympathy, fed the apples to her friends of the forest. Luckily, no one hears her talk to them. Never mind the trees, they never listen to her.

Soon after Christmas, Eileen suffered with a flu that lasted weeks. We had reservations to attend the March For Life in Washington D.C. on January 22nd. Michael had to go alone on the church sponsored bus trip and managed to behave, though unsupervised. The Vatican has declared this a miracle. His major difficulty was sitting through another aberration of the Disney-Princess Industrial Complex with an atrocity called Frozen on the bus ride home. If you have had the great fortune not to have seen this film it goes like this: A princess becomes a queen and can quickly make things freeze over…not much different an environment than when Michael opens his mouth and talks about his hobbies. Her sister who is a red head goes to look for her and finds adventure and Disney style music which has copyright protection more secure than any of our government computer systems. For that matter a wallet full of money lying on the main concourse of a major Amtrak station is more secure than government data systems. Eventually everybodys back home and little girls in the audience are left with the desire to become princesses and everybody else leaves with a desire to expel their overpriced theater snacks orally. Sadly, normally manly men on the bus from the Knights of Columbus began singing Let It Go during a rest area stop; it was hard to endure. Before the trip ended Disney copyright attorneys arrived in Black-Op helicopters at the rest stop to deal with those individuals singing the tune without permission which constitutes a criminal act. Recall the Disney mind control tune of the 1960’s: It’s A Small World After All. Clearly, Disney is part of the Globalist New World Order Illuminati agenda after all.

Our church had a series of alcohol themed events this year: “Beef and Beer“, “Beef ’n Brew”, “Woman ,Wine and Psalm” (we are not making this up) and “The Oktoberfest Annual Wine, Liqueur - Brew Contest” (a home craft booze competition). So successful are these “theoholic” celebrations, new ones are planned for 2016: “Baptism and Budweiser”, “The Singles and Single Malt Dance” , “Upon This Rock and Rye Night”, “Votives and Vodka” and the “Babylon Beelzebub Bootleg Distillation Tournament”.

Our 2015 “Moron Of The Year” award goes to Oceanside Glass Tile of Carlsbad, California. Out of nowhere these gonifs (that’s Yiddish for thieves) managed to charge our account for four shipments totaling almost 160 pounds from their warehouse in San Diego to some tasteless fool in Washington State. There is a second reason these schmendricks (Yiddish for stupid) get the award. Who in their right mind would sell glass or tile, never mind glass tile, in the earthquake capital of the world ? What is Oceanside’s next business venture: a gasoline storage depot on a volcano, a childcare center on an alligator ranch, a produce stand in a bug infested jungle or perhaps an open air surgical suite in the middle of a toxic waste dump. Holy San Andreas, it’s their fault and we were shaken when we saw the charge. A novena to Saint Andreas is in order, granting un to us a major shifting of tectonic plates under Carlsbad thus reducing the glass and tile to a fine powder.

This May 31th, 2016 we commemorate the 127th anniversary of the Great Johnstown Flood here in Pennsylvania. We are working on a book that tells the lesser known story of the pirates who arrived in Johnstown on June 1st, 1889. Pirate Captain Blaw-Knox sailed into town as water spread through the area. “Har, har, har ye soaked people of Johnstown, where might me find the gold and treasure ?”, he demanded. He was directed to the telegraph office and was told most of the money was there thanks to the excessive prices they charged for sending and receiving telegrams. Captain Blaw-Knox arrived at the telegraph office to find they only took credit cards. Dismayed he went on to start a pirate radio station and eventually a pirate radio telegraphy communication service, killing the land line telegraphy racket. It flourished until cable Internet was introduced.

As a reminder, we have over 50 great videos on YouTube and we add periodically. Family home movie clips, original skits and travel videos can be found at:


Or you can Google or search YouTube for: “Mike Mig Migliaccio”

Be aware there are others named “Michael Migliaccio” on YouTube, one has highly offensive videos…do not mistake these charlatans for Michael.

We have assembled a gallery of photographs on Google's Picasa of Michael's dad's hand made mangers dating back to 1953. If this link does not open for you when you click on it just cut and paste it into a new tab. Or search "Handmade Christmas Mangers Made By My Dad". Link:

Handmade Christmas Mangers

Or type / cut and paste:   https://picasaweb.google.com/108780568397740292721/HandmadeChristmasMangersMadeByMyDad?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Let’s talk communications. When did Facebook instant messaging and Twitter replace the phone and traditional eMail ? Post cards are only 35 to 49 cents to mail. Keep a few around if eMail or telephonic communication does not suit your fancy. A worthy new years resolution would be to communicate eloquently. It should be a national movement.

This June 23rd, 2016 would have been Michael’s dad’s 100th birthday. We lost him in 2003. Please mark your calendar and think of him on June 23rd.

Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2106 from Eileen and Michael

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